In watching the last two football games of the FHSU Tigers, I couldn’t help but comment publicly:

First, the game against Northwest Missouri State on Saturday, Nov. 3: I certainly don’t want to take anything away from the athletes and coaches for their dramatic victory, but the TV coverage was pitiful. Granted, I’ve become spoiled with the play-by-play coverage of Gerard Wellbrock, but the commentators were terrible, the cameramen must have been sleeping some of the time, and the 21 Cox and Hutchinson Community College commercials in the first half, some back to back, left a whole lot to be desired. I find it hard to believe that, for such an important Division II game that more professionalism was not provided.

Secondly, a few comments on the matchup with the University of Indianapolis on Saturday: For you that did not watch or listen to the game, FHSU had the lead (24-17) and plenty of momentum in the third quarter, before a targeting infraction was called on one of the Tigers. Instead of a loss of 4 yards, Indy received a first down, and one of the Tigers’ best defenders, Doyin Jibowu was ejected from the game. I watched the replay several times, and I’m not sure what the referees saw, but it was certainly not targeting. So Doyin, who I understand is just a class act in every way, ends his football career with his first ejection, ever. What a great way to end someone’s football career.

Shortly thereafter Indy took advantage of Jibowu’s absence and scored a touchdown to tie the game.

Next Layne Bieberle makes a fantastic catch in the end zone for a touchdown, only to have it called back for offensive pass interference. In watching the entire game, there were numerous pass plays with plenty more contact than this play, but again, the refs used their own interference to take away a touchdown from FHSU.

I once had a wrestling coach that told me that the referees never decided whether I won or lost, that it was up to me to decide. I have believed that through all these years — until now. The officials are totally responsible for this loss. Coach Brown, Dr. Mason, Dr. Hammond, and Gerard are too classy to complain about this and may even say, “This is just one of life’s challenges.” No disrespect to any of them, but this game was taken away from a very good football team by officials with great big imaginations.

All the hot August days, all of the weightlifting, watching film, two-a-days, etc. end on a very sour note because of incompetent officiating. Shame on you!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tiger football. I only wish I could watch a few more Tiger games this year.

Tim Schumacher,