The Ellis County Democratic Party has spent the last two weeks in an attempt to sow doubt and confusion into the electorate of the 111th House District. They have lowered themselves to investigating their own Democratic County Clerk, complained about the accuracy of our voting machines, and pushed conspiracy theories as to the handling of ballots.

If the Democrats had concerns about the integrity of the election or the competency of the office completing the process they should have selected a different candidate two years ago to represent their party. We have no evidence that Donna Maskus has done anything but handle the election process professionally and lawfully. The only problem the Democrats seem to have is in losing. We wonder if Rep. Phelps would have any doubt about these results if he were holding a 35-vote lead?

The Ellis County Republican Party believes in the integrity of the election, and its leaders have taken the necessary steps to give us confidence that all votes have been counted accurately. We now ask that Eber Phelps and the Democrats concede this election result and forgo any further actions that will waste taxpayer money and place further doubt into the minds of the voters.

The desperation of their political leaders is showing in these attempts to undermine our newly elected State Representative before she is sworn into office. While all election losses are tough to handle, we expect more integrity and class from Rep. Phelps. It’s time for this fiasco to end. The people of the 111th district have chosen Barb Wasinger to be their Representative.

Ellis County Republican Party Leadership

Dustin Roths, Chair

Sandy Werth, Vice Chair