To the editor:

This is an open letter to Mr. Rett Rogers, chairman of the Leavenworth County Republican Party.

I am a lifelong Kansan and resident of Leavenworth County since 1978. You or people within your immediate sphere of influence decided to put Louis Klemp in the position of Leavenworth County Commissioner. Mr. Klemp is widely known to have rabidly racist and white supremacist views, which he displayed publicly this week. He has also displayed his racism on other occasions in the past. The fact that you and/or your colleagues thought it wise to put him in a position of authority to make decisions that affect all Leavenworth County residents is frankly puzzling. I am sure neither you nor your members identify yourselves as white supremacists publicly, but your willingness to put a white supremacist in office seems to indicate that people making key decisions in the county party are, in fact, white supremacists or have strong sympathies in that direction. If none of the party officials have white supremacist beliefs, how did such a man ever gain your approval and appointment?

Here are four questions I would like to ask you as Republican party chairman:  

1. Will we see a strongly worded condemnation of Mr. Klemp from the party not just government officials? 

2. Are white supremacists welcome in your party? 

3. What is the process by which Mr. Klemp was allowed to gain this position?

4. What concrete steps are you taking to ensure that white supremacists do not have leadership roles in the Leavenworth County Republican Party?