Since the first of the year, 820,000 migrants have illegally crossed our southern border. According to ICE, 21,000 had criminal gang tattoos. The CDC has data that 15,482 Americans died from heroin overdoses in 2017. Ninety percent of all heroin and other illegal narcotics are coming across our border from Mexico.

Most Americans would look at these statistics as an emergency, except our own Sen. Jerry Moran. He has voted twice against President Trump’s request for emergency funds from the Pentagon budget to be used to build extensions onto our existing border wall. The Supreme Court recently decided that Trump was within his legal right to use Pentagon funds on an emergency basis.

As a conservative Republican, I am questioning the senator’s loyalty to protect the citizens he is supposed to represent. I am asking Moran: just whose side are you on when you vote against emergency funding for the border wall?

Edward Myers