During the Dodge City Commission meeting Monday, the city made amendments to approved agreements with Nor-Am Cold Storage, as well as the Rib Crib development deal.

According to the city, an issue arose with the limit of Nor-Am's responsibility for the roads at Trail Street and McCaustland No. 2.

The amendment would limit the risk for Nor-Am had an improvement to McCaustland No. 2 been done presently; however, since the road to the west of that location is more expensive, Nor-Am made the limitation request.

"We put in an engineer's estimate of upgrading McCaustland No. 2," Dodge City city manager Cherise Tieben said. "The road more than likely will cost more than that but we are also doing it for other reasons besides just Nor-Am, with more bang for our buck with relocating the residential portion of that road."

According to Tieben, the residents of McCaustland No. 2 see the benefit of moving to McCaustland No. 1 road but understood the city would have to, for financial reasons, go with Option 2 but, "Their hope is one," Tieben said.

The amendment was unanimously approved 5-0.

An amendment was approved regarding the Rib Crib development deal.

"Basically we had to extend our Rib Crib development agreement," Tieben said. "It takes a considerable amount of time to work through all of the due diligence period requirements that are in the development agreements as it exists.

"Any time you are in a historic area, it takes even more time."

The amendment would give Rib Crib an extension on its "outside date."

According to the city, Rib Crib will submit its site plan and intend to submit its building plans within the week for approval.

"Things are still moving forward," Tieben said. "I know people are asking about it so, it is moving forward, we just need to extend the development agreement period until Jan. 10 (2020) and I don't think it will take us that long."

The Rib Crib amendment was unanimously approved 5-0.


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