If you’ve helped at a family member’s wedding, there’s one word you probably associated with the event: stressful. Whether it was a grand affair or a simple outdoor celebration, important events have so many tiny pieces and moving parts that it can be a lot to juggle.

This is where Newton entrepreneur Tina Wuthnow steps in with her business, Something Borrowed Event Planning and Rentals.

“My passion is making sure moms aren’t in the kitchen on the day of the wedding,” Wuthnow said. “I hate it when people say the wedding was the most stressful day, when it should be the most beautiful.”

Her goal is to enable family and friends to relax and enjoy the big day.

Wuthnow has helped with events as long as she can remember.

"My earliest memory was planning a surprise party for my fourth grade teacher," Wuthnow said. "Plans were squelched by administration, but I distinctly remember creating plans, making lists and assigning duties."

Seven years ago, when her own daughter got married, Wuthnow saw that everyone was buying essentially the same basic decor items. Considering the rental market potential, she began accumulating items and offering them for friends and family to borrow.

She also helped at multiple weddings, designing the layout and streamlining to make things go smoothly. Her contribution as an event planner can include various amounts of input, seeing the big picture and putting things together.

One year ago, Wuthnow and her husband, David, took the steps for Something Borrowed to become an LLC. Wuthnow said her house was overflowing with things and she needed to make a decision to be serious about it or get rid of her stores. She said God keeps opening doors, unexpectedly, that they keep stepping through.

“We’ll see where God takes us,” Wuthnow said.

Referrals from local event venues such as Cloud Nine Venue (Moundridge) and The Barn at Grace Hill (Newton) have given Something Borrowed more of a platform.

Wuthnow rents linens and basic centerpiece and tablescape items, such as vases, mirrors and table runners. She can work with clients to do their own florals, adding to her basic store. She also has lighted backdrops and enjoys making head tables special, based off the couple’s theme, from rustic to elegant to simple. She is also accumulating various cute signs, which are so popular right now.

In this age of Pinterest, Wuthnow said many brides will have a great many random ideas that she can help them bring together into something more cohesive.

Her rentals are also a great time-saver for brides as she stores them until the wedding and brings them to the event clean, eliminating the need for brides to search for items.

Wuthnow is also interested in staging and designing community events, and has years of experience from banquets at Berean Academy, fall carnivals and women’s church events to a recent fundraising concert at Norm’s Coffee Bar.

“It’s therapy for me to have a creative outlet,” Wuthnow said.

Because events aren’t Wuthow's primary job. She works as a Physician’s Assistant in Convenient Care at Newton Medical Center. She has found some of the same organizational skills in the medical domain applied to event planning — joking that after years of working in an ER, she’s basically ready for anything.

“I have the mindset that planning is like the preventative medicine,” Wuthnow said.

With her schedule, Wuthnow said her clients are primarily DIY brides who may already have key elements like a venue and caterer, but need assistance with a timeline and a vision.

“They tell me, ‘make this church gym beautiful,’” Wuthnow said. “The best is when they can then say, ‘That’s exactly what I had in mind.’”

The best way currently to contact Wuthnow is by calling 316-772-2115 or emailing sbeventsks@gmail.com. She is setting up a website at www.somethingborrowedks.com where she can be contacted as well.