Russian dictators, including other communist countries, have been vigilant mocking our American democracy for decades.

Now here we are in 2018, and how these aliens must be satisfied like the spider watching the struggling fly in its web. A shiver goes by spine just recalling a news story from the ’60s. Remember when the disgusted Russian dictators agreed wholeheartedly: “We will destroy them (USA) from within.”

Thank goodness the struggling midterm elections are nearly over. Confusion was paramount, daily distrust, hell, pandemonium, hitting us like flak. Are the Russians correct?

My thesaurus lists 135 synonyms under confusion: division, agitate, radical, anarchy, breakdown, bewildered, perplexing, demoralization, turmoil, riots, shutdown, chaos, and on and on.

Indeed America is a nation of diversity where aliens live, some of them are criminals. In April near where I live, immigrants from Romania were caught red-handed stealing thousands of dollars from bank ATMs as part of a large network. This is really disgusting.

Are we becoming a race of monsters like the ancient Greeks’ mythology?

Frankly, Americans and Evangelicals are sick and tired of all this chaos causing deep division. Folks, these flag-burners are insulting our country. We are in grave danger of being destroyed from within our borders. Stop this complacent ignorance — enough dog whistles.

Is it solution or the fall? Is it solutions or surrender? They are watching us with keen interest. The blood will be on the Republicans' and the Democrats' hands forever.

Constance Owens