A gentleman in our church years ago gave a children's story to the younger people almost every Sunday in our worship service. Most of the time, he would ask the children “What is today?” They would answer in accord “Thanksgiving!’ This would happen every month of the year.

This is a simple truth that many of the adults don’t grasp as readily as do the children.

We live in a land and time that should observe thanksgiving every day.

Why? Let’s go over the reasons.

We live in the United States of America and have so much to enjoy. “But the government doesn't do right all the time,” you argue. “The taxes are too high; benefits are too low. The government doesn’t take care of us.” Or, “there’s too much government. There’s too much politicking or not enough.” On and on the complaints string out over the airwaves.

Would you rather live somewhere else? How would you like to live in a country where you are told what to do, what to think and you have no freedom to ponder anything different? Any expressions of your own mind would be subject to extreme rejection and even death. Do you really want to live somewhere else?

As to politics, if the country were run by a dictator and not the two-party system, you would have no other choice. The only ones using their brain would be the ones that had only their selfish ambitions with which to content. That would take care of the politics.

The fact that we still have politics, even as it is, helps us remember we can still do something about it. We can voice our beliefs even though it's getting tougher. If we have accepted Christ, we can call on him for help and he is the only one who is all-powerful.

You know a better way to make it work? Get involved in a positive way and do something about it.

Isn’t it strange that the ones who complain the most are usually the ones who have no suggestions? They’re the ones who spend so much time being argumentative, that they have no time to do something constructive.

What can we do to keep our country alive and well? There is a multitude of ways to get something done.

We can be willing to go the extra mile when called. Our country needs those who encourage others to do right according to the laws of the land. There is nothing wrong with volunteering if it is something you have a passion for doing.

We can help those in need when there is a natural disaster or calamity. We can keep our word and make our actions come from our beliefs.

We can depend on our creator to work out our problems, direct our ways and show the world how a country that relies on God can grow. Get together with other Christians of faith and find a church that teaches the true Bible.

On Thanksgiving Day, we can recall happy times of family togetherness.

Remember all the delicious food we enjoy and thank God for it. Let each family member know you love them. We need to do it now while we are together. Care enough about them to tell them about our true creator and how they accept him into their lives and have the most powerful helper in the world.

There is much to be thankful for this week and every day of the year. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day as you count your blessings, for our God, our family and our country.

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