Updated with press release information

It was a process that began back in March with the news that RHG would be acquiring the financially-struggling Sumner County Regional Medical Center.  
The sale of Sumner Regional Medical Center (Wellington, KS) to RHG-C (Gladstone, MO) for nearly $3.85 million was completed on November 19, 2018. The facility will be renamed Sumner Community Hospital.
Larry Arthur, CEO of RHG-C, has over 40 years of experience in rural hospital development. Mr. Arthur stated “our company looks forward to serving and working with the people of Sumner County and Wellington. Our priority is to offer the highest quality healthcare attainable.”
Les Dean, Administrator of Sumner Community Hospital noted “I am excited about the transaction and what it will mean to the long-term survivability of our hospital as well as our ability to recruit nurses and other valuable employees.”
RHG-C and the hospital have been in discussions for over a year and with the assistance of the USDA were able to close on the transaction. Les Dean noted “I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience, positivity and encouragement over the past year, as we have worked through the sale process together.”
RHGC and its partners have worked with over 800 hospitals in 42 states, a large percentage being rural providers. RHGC was founded to help keep health care accessible to rural communities through professional management and access to capital. RHG leaders have extensive experience developing and operating hospitals in rural settings.
Les Dean, President & CEO of Sumner Regional Medical Center, said Wednesday morning that “the actual closing was late Monday evening, so officially we became RHG’s hospital Tuesday, Nov. 20th.”
“It’s a big day for all of us down here, I have well over a year invested in this project and it’s a bit overwhelming to see it finally happen.  It is a brighter day and we all believe this is the beginning of new-found success and community well-being.”
City Manager Shane Shields confirmed the closure of the deal, saying, “The transaction between the Health Care Authority, the City, and Sumner Community Hospital, LLC, (RHG) was brought to final closure on Monday.  The Lease and Operating Agreement is now in place relating to Sumner Regional Medical Center.”