First grade students at Slate Creek Elementary School got a taste of cuisine from around the world on Nov. 16 at the school's multicultural feast.

The children sat at tables decorated with flameless tea lights, waiting patiently for the food to be brought around.

Volunteers cooked and served dishes like zwieback, shortbread, mini tacos, German chocolate cake and hummus to serve to the children.

Teachers Katelin McEachern and Diane Hershberger told the students where each item came from and showed pictures of the country represented by the recipe. The children cheered the first country to pop up on the projected screen — Mexico. They also were shown images from England, Germany, the Middle East and Laos.

The students studied and sniffed their portions before gamely trying a bite of everything.

"That was spicy," one first grader said as he tried a tamale, then reached for his cup of water.

"What are these," a student asked, pointing to an egg roll. "I love these."

Almost every child requested seconds when peppernuts were passed around.

"This is my favorite," said McEachern as she lifted up a pan of verenike. "Remember how we talked about how food represents our culture and reminds us of our families? My grandma makes this for me every time my birthday comes around."

The students asked if other countries' dishes were available — especially the ones their ancestors were from.

"We don't have food from every country," Hershberger said. "But we have people from all over."