Kenneth Owens

 Kettering, Ohio


To the editor:

Am I missing something about a Kansan dialect? While Commissioner Klemp’s “master race” quip to a female African-American presenter might seem odd, awkward, not-really-all-that-funny (Jerry Seinfeld need not worry about a competitor), it was most definitely not racist. He was identifying with the presenter, not ridiculing, shaming or lording over her. She laughed, perhaps out of kindness toward the older, would-be humorist. Listen to the video. He said they have gaps in their teeth and that they were the “master race,” on the same team. If people don’t like Klemp, for whatever legitimate reasons there might be, don’t try to pawn this off as his racism. But, I suppose, now that so many have had their hissy fit for the wrong reason, they will find it not politically expedient to actually see this episode honestly.