If CNN’s star reporter Jim Acosta’s intent was honest or at least he had a constructive purpose to his antics, things might be different.

But Mr. Acosta’s intent is to create a hostile environment and to be as disruptive as possible so he can make a headline.

He does this at the expense of the American people and the other reporters who have legitimate questions to ask.

It's not just President Trump that Acosta is disrespecting but the millions of American citizens who love and voted for President Trump.

I want to hear what the president has to say, not the polemics of a disgruntled CNN windbag like Jim Acosta.

If Acosta or the other reporters in the pressroom can’t control the urge to make spectacles of themselves, then they should be barred from the privilege of the pressroom.

The American people deserve better.

Gregory H. Bontrager