With increased funding for education from the state government, Lansing school officials are looking at ways the additional money can be used, the superintendent said.

With increased funding for education from the state government, Lansing school officials are looking at ways the additional money can be used, the superintendent said.

When members of the Lansing Board of Education met Monday, they discussed spending priorities as recommended by the district’s administration.

Board members took no official action Monday.

“They talked about it,” Superintendent Darrel Stufflebeam said. “Everybody was very supportive.”

Stufflebeam said school officials want to provide for the needs of students but also maintain strong cash balances for the district. He believes the approach being taken strikes a balance between those goals.

He said input regarding spending priorities was sought from stakeholders including teachers and members of school site councils.

Most of the recommendations presented to the board are for the 2019-2020 school year. The recommended expenses total $275,000.

The recommendations include hiring additional counselors.

Stufflebeam said Lansing High School already has two counselors. The recommendations call for adding a third counselor.

There also is a recommendation for adding another counselor for kindergarten through the fifth grade. Currently, Lansing Elementary School and Lansing Intermediate School share a counselor. But adding a counselor would allow each building to have its own, Stufflebeam said.

The recommendations include the addition of a math interventionist at Lansing Middle School.

Stufflebeam said interventionists help students who have been identified as being behind in college and career readiness skills.

“The biggest need at the middle school is a math interventionist,” he said.

Recommendations also include adding a new assistant coach for the high school baseball program and an assistant coach for the softball program.

Stufflebeam said the administration feels there is a supervisory shortcoming when it comes to these two teams.

“We really didn’t have enough coaches for all of the away events,” he said.

Another recommendation is for a part-time community relations coordinator for the school district. Stufflebeam said the district previously had an employee who handled community relations. But the position currently does not exist.

“This is one we will be starting this year,” he said.

He said Sharon Burns, who already serves as the director of the Lansing Educational Foundation, will be taking on these additional part-time duties.

District officials also are looking at starting a program for 4-year-old children who meet state criteria to be considered “at risk.” He said the district would only start up this program if grant funding is awarded by the state government.

While the grant funding would pay for most of the program, the district would need to contribute money.

Recommendations also include hiring an instructional coach for Lansing Elementary School.

Stufflebeam said instructional coaches are people who help teachers with improving their instruction. He said school officials are looking at adding instructional coaches at other school buildings in the future. But for now, officials will start with the elementary level.

Stufflebeam said board members officially will approve the changes when they vote on the contracts for the new employees.

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