Ford County 4-H recently honored two past 4-H members as their 2018 Alumni Award winners during their Annual Achievement Banquet.

These winners were selected by the Ford County 4-H Council for their dedication to the 4-H program.

Winners are honored with an Alumni Award plaque and pin. This year the Ford County 4-H Council chose Janell Robertson and Danny Hahn, as Ford County’s 4-H Alumni Award winners.

Robertson was a 13-year 4-H member of the Pawnee Indians 4-H Club in Finney County along with her brother and two sisters.

When she was a 4-H member, Robertson was in the sheep, horse, photography, poultry, foods and junior leader projects.

Her favorite project was the Jr. Leader project where she was involved in fund raising and some travel. She also served as a leader there in the foods project for three years.

Robertson has supported her three daughters in their 4-H careers by volunteering and helping with many county-wide and club project activities. She is currently serving as a community leader and is a 13-year leader.

Robertson is a current member of the Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers and has served as the association’s president and president-elect. As a member of this group she has helped to plan several of the Kansas Volunteer Forum and other state volunteer meetings.

Danny Hahn was a member of the DIY Juniors 4-H Club and started going to 4-H meetings when he was five years old, as his mother Belle, was the women leader and his brother Don and sisters Fern and Doris were already members.

Hahn officially joined 4-H in 1944 at the age of eight. He held several offices within his club; serving as president, vice president and a few others.

He was also the President of the Ford County 4-H Council. In 1953, Hahn received the coveted 4-H Key Award.

This award also gained him recognition in the 1955 State Who’s Whoot 4-H publication. This same year, he was selected as the Ford County 4-H Club representative for the American Royale 4-H Conference in Kansas City.

Hahn joined the Marine Corp in 1955 and came home on leave in time to show his heifer at the county fair. He received Grand Champion with her, completing the last of his days as an active 4-H member.

In 1959 Hahn became a leader of the DIY Juniors 4-H Club. He served in that role until 1980. Hahn was also a 10-year member of the Ford County Fair Association, where he served as treasurer.

He continued to support Ford County 4-H through donations to the Ford County Fair in the past several years.