The outcomes of two tied elections were decided Tuesday morning by coin flips during a Saline County Commission meeting.

No one filed to run as a candidate for township clerk for the Ohio or Pleasant Valley townships in Saline County this year, so the races for these positions came down to opposing write-in candidates.

In the Ohio township, Lee Weis and Steve Brandt both received three votes. There were a total of 45 write-in votes in the race.

In the Pleasant Valley township, Adam Gorrell and Brandi Schneider both received two votes. There were a total of 26 write-in votes in that race.

Saline County Commissioner Rodger Sparks provided Chairman Bob Vidricksen with a coin to flip. Commissioner Monte Shadwick assigned heads and tails to candidates for each flip. Vidricksen flipped the coin twice to decide the outcome of the two races.

Both coin flips ended in tails. Steve Brandt won the election for Ohio township clerk, and Brandi Schneider won for Pleasant Valley township clerk.

It has not been determined whether the winners will accept their newly won elected positions.




Elections for other township clerks did not end in tie votes. Each of the following township clerk races had one candidate that filed to run for the office.

Cambria: Deb Nelson (R), 176 votes

Elm Creek: Glenn Engelland (R), 398 votes

Eureka: Sharon Anderes (D), 186 votes

Greeley: Carl F. Carnes (R), 352 votes

Liberty: Joe Seed (D), 61 votes

Spring Creek: Aaron Phelps (R), 144 votes

Solomon: Mary Douglas (R), 178 votes

Smoky View: Janice Morris (D), 278 votes

Walnut: Doug Forsberg (D), 219 votes