Pakistani Catholic wife and mother Asia Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy against Islam and released from prison after eight years on death row. Muslim riots erupted nationwide: the fearful government acceded to rioters' demands to deny an exit visa to Asia until the court hears a challenge to the acquittal. In hiding now, Asia's life is in grave danger.

The UK turned down the family's request for asylum due to hostility against her from its Muslim migrant community. After Pakistani politician Salman Taseer was assassinated for speaking on Asia's behalf, 100,000 Muslims in Britain petitioned to declare the murderer a saint.

Islamic blasphemy law and an incredible rise in crime followed the Muslim migrant wave to Europe. Authorities impose heavy fines and/or jail sentences for criticism of Islam while allowing all other religions to be freely criticized. Austria's Elisabeth Sabbaditch-Wolff appealed her conviction for criticism of Islam to Europe's highest court, which upheld the conviction -- thus officially sanctioning Islamic shariah blasphemy law and ending free speech.

Although the persecution of Christians in many lands is unprecedented, Western elites ignore them and instead favor Muslim economic migrants. The 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and overthrow of its secular government led to the near extinction of Iraqi Christians -- who were kidnapped, enslaved, raped and slaughtered, sometimes by crucifixion. Only 15 percent remain.

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Sheila Young