Receiving a clean audit report, the Cowley College Board of Trustees approved the report of the audit of fiscal and management accounting of the college for fiscal year 2017-2018 during the regularly scheduled meeting held Monday in the McAtee Dining Center. The Secretary of the Board is directed to file the report with the official records of the college.
Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk and Loyd, LLC. completed the annual audit of all college funds for fiscal year 2017-18. In performing the audit, the accountants examined the validity of financial transactions according to generally accepted accounting principles and state law. In addition, they have been instructed to apply the standards established by the policies of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Gloria Walker, vice president of finance and administration, provided the management discussion and analysis and Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk and Lloyd, LLC. provided the audit findings.
“As an institution we are in good shape,” Dr. Walker said. “We will keep our focus on where we want to be.”
Board of Trustee member Gary Wilson commended Dr. Walker and her staff for the job they did on having the college produce a clean audit.
“I thought it was a very detailed, well prepared audit. We are in a better position than I thought we were in,” Wilson said.
The 2017-18 annual audit may be viewed on the Cowley College website following approval by the Board of Trustees.
Official Board meeting minutes will be available following the conclusion of the December meeting of the Board of Trustees.
1. Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle provided a College update. Dr. Rittle thanked the current and former Board of Trustee members for their courage, tenacity, and leadership. He also thanked the faculty and staff for their efforts and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Dr. Rittle also congratulated Board Chair JoLynn Foster and her husband, Bob, on receiving the Ambassador Award at the recent Cowley College Foundation banquet. He also mentioned the efforts of Evan Ricker and the Tiger Beat as well as Lindsay Sanderholm and Chelsea Turner and the Tiger cheer and dance teams in helping make a great atmosphere at the Tiger sporting events.
2. Saw Dr. Rittle recognize Anna Magiolo of Padova, Italy, and Brianne Hutto of Winfield, KS, for being named the school’s October and November Students of the Month. “Thanks to all of you. I have had an amazing time at Cowley,” Hutto said.
3. Dr. Rittle filled in for Jessica Lucas, Government Affairs Liaison, to share a legislative update.
4. Student Senate president Tara Lukert provided the Board with a student update. Lukert mentioned the successful Arts and Humanities Day event, the recent national sendoffs for the men’s soccer and cross country teams, as well as the free bowling and movie nights, and the Student Life tailgate event prior to the Cowley basketball teams’ wins over Northern Oklahoma College-Tonkawa.
5. Held a first reading on the revised Selection, Adoption and Ordering of Textbooks policy; Attendance and Classwork policy; and Credit for Previous Military Service policy. Final approval will be requested at the December meeting.
6. Dr. Gloria Walker, vice president of finance and administration, provided a construction update on the Sumner Campus. Construction is on schedule, and within the guaranteed maximum price to date. The Technology Center is complete and turned over to the college for operations.
7. Approved Change Order #10 for the basement in the Short General Education Center to include a Modernfold Acousti-Seal operable partition for a cost of $32,216.
8. Approved the use of College Store Design of the Nebraska Book Company top design, furnish, and equip the college’s bookstore at the Sumner Campus at a cost not to exceed $48,348.09, funded from the current Bookstore auxiliary fund.
9. Dr. Michelle Schoon, interim vice president of academic affairs, informed the Board of the recent Arts and Humanities Day event that was attended by more than 120 high school students. Dr. Schoon also mentioned the fifth annual Cowley CARES Conference hosted by the Cowley College Education faculty and thanked Janet Davidson for her work making the event a success. A total of 42 child care providers attended the event. Lastly, she mentioned Eddie Andreo receiving the 2018 Director’s Award for Exceptional Service from Quality Matters.
10. Rama Peroo, director of institutional communications and public relations, filled in for Dr. Kori Gregg, vice president of institutional advancement. Peroo discussed the recent Cowley College Foundation banquet. Over 155 Foundation members attended the event which is generously sponsored by The Trust Company of Kansas and CPA Solutions. Peroo also mentioned the Strategic Leadership team is now together at the college and is looking at scholarships and the college’s current structure/practices for how the college awards scholarships. This is to determine best practices for the college in how we award scholarships in the future. The team had its first meeting and are still in the information gathering stage.
11. Paul Erdmann, vice president of information technology, provided the Board with a Student Information System update. He also mentioned work being done on the installation of projectors/screens in classrooms as well as the equipment installation in the McAtee Dining Center and President’s Dining Room.
12. Kristi Shaw, executive director of enrollment management, provided an enrollment update. Shaw said current FTE is up 24 from the college’s goal. She also shared information on recent admissions events.
13. Kristi Shaw, executive director of enrollment management, filled in for Debbie Phelps, executive director of institutional effectiveness. Shaw said the fall reporting season for the Kansas Board of Regents is nearing a close and FTE at Cowley College is up. The IPEDS winter collection will open December 12; and the IE Office and enrollment management team are currently working with technicians to create a dashboard that will help identify students with holds that might restrict their ability to enroll in upcoming semesters.
14. Jason O’Toole, executive director of student affairs, provided a housing update. The Cowley dorms are currently at a 97.8 percent occupancy rate. O’Toole also provided an update on Student Life activities during the month of October, and mentioned Roxanna James and the IMPACT organization recently hosted a two-day academic coaching workshop by LIFEBOUND. While, Mike Rosales completed transfer visits to eight different universities. Lastly, a new outdoor basketball court is complete and ready to use outside of the Linda Adams Hargrove Athletic Center.
15. Jan Grace, Sumner Campus Operations Officer, informed the Board of the meetings she has attended over the past month, and also discussed the events Cowley recently sponsored in Wellington. The Sumner Campus also played host to the Pricipals/Superintendents/Counselors meeting on November 2. Construction on the Short General Education Center is also on schedule and the look of the facility is changing daily.
16. Deborah Layton, faculty liaison, informed the Board of the upcoming Student Showcase on December 6, theatre production of Elf, Jr. on December 8, and Vespers Concert on Sunday, December 9 at 2:30 p.m. Layton also said the Writing Center has worked with 110 students through 228 visits.
17. Shane Larson, athletic director, provided a fall sports recap. The Cowley College women’s cross country team placed fourth at the national championships, while the Tiger men’s cross country team finished 17th. Coach Dan Adler was named the Central Region Women’s Coach of the Year. The Tiger men’s soccer team also advanced to the national tournament for the first time in the history of the program and won a school-record 17 games, while the Lady Tiger volleyball team was ranked in the top-five nationally before having its season end in the district championship game. The next Tiger Booster Club Luncheon will take place Tuesday, November 27 at 12 p.m. in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.
18. Accepted a letter of resignation from Janet Winegarner as custodian/grounds, effective November 1; accepted a letter of resignation from John Donaldson as dorm manager/intramural coordinator, effective November 27; accepted a letter of resignation from Caroline Fulbright as admissions representative, effective November 30; accepted a letter of resignation from Deanne Wehmeier as staff accompanist, effective December 11; accepted a letter of resignation from Charity Andrews as head tennis coach, effective December 21.
19. Approved the employment of David DeAndre as public safety officer, effective November 20; accepted the employment of Rachel Rau as custodian, effective November 20.