Monday, Nov. 12th
Giesele Lorraine Booker, 31, Derby, Serving Sentence (24 Hrs.).
Darrell Dean Clark, 56, Caldwell, FTA x 2.
Emmanuel Neal McAllister, 43, Belle Plaine,  Domestic battery; unknown circumstance.
Sean Collin Godbout, 30, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Tuesday, Nov. 13th
Janice Katharine Stewart, 49, Wellington,  Probation Violation/Theft by deception; X2/Mistreatment of Elder Person.
Nicolas Ryan Morris, 22, Oxford, Criminal damage to property; Without consent  value < $1000.
Brandy Dawn Morarie, 41, Wellington, Failure to appear.
Maziar Monfared, 27, Wichita, Serving Sentence (24 Hours).
Christian Michael Mehigan, 28, Wichita, Serving Sentence (3 days).
Jason Lee Johnson, 43, Wellington, Failure to appear.
Elautua Michelle COleman, 30, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Wednesday, Nov. 14th
Jason Troy Williams, 19, Wichita, Probation Violation x2 / Domestic Battery / Criminal Damage to Property.
Mami Brook Way, 36, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Rhonda Leigh Owens, 54, Wellington, Driving under the influence.
Alex Daniel Otis, 29, Mulvane, Failure to Appear x2.
Latisha Lynn Long, 38, Wichita, Failure to Appear.
Dylan Ray Logan-Easter, 22, Wellington, Probation Violation X3.
Thursday, Nov. 15th
Peyton Aaron Pozehl, 20, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
John Charles McCoy, 24, Winfield, Possession of Stolen Property.
John Jay Marks, 65, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Justin Steven Bugner, 40, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Friday, Nov. 16th
Henry Lamont Figures Jr, 42, Wichita, Failure to appear X2/Kansas Dept Of Correction Hold.
Hayley Nicole Bruey, 28, Blackwell, OK, Serving Sentence( 48 hours).
Brian Keith Brewer, 52, Mulvane, Failure to appear.
Dejuan Lamont Berry, 27, Wichita, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
James Edward Atkins, 40, Derby, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked(Bond Revocation)/Flee or attempt to elude LEO by engaging in reckless driving(Bond Revocation).
Saturday, Nov. 17th
Nathan Fredrick Morgan, 40, Wellington, Failure to appear.
John Jacob Moore, 32, Anthony,  Reckless driving:/ Ignition interlock device; Operate a car without a required device:/Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs;/Possession of stimulant:/Possession of stimulant:/Possession of opiate opium narcotic or certain stimulant/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body.
Jesse Edward McCormick, 19, Wellington, Contribute to a child misconduct; Shelter/conceal a runaway/Theft of property or services; Value less than $1500.
Tristan Eugene Graves, 21, Winfield, Probation Violation/Criminal deprivation of property; Motor vehicle/Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Jesus Santos Fernandez, 22, Wichita,  Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs/Transporting an open container.
Sunday, Nov. 18th
Cierra Cheyenne Furrey, 21,Oxford,  Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked/Failure to appear.
Monday, Nov. 19th
Allen Michael Moore, 25, Wellington, Criminal damage to property;