A new office at the Pratt Recycle Center is nearly complete. It was heavily damaged in a Labor Day flood.

Construction on the new recycle center office is nearly complete. Jason Winkel, county landfill manager, informed the Pratt County Commissioners of the progress on the new facility at their weekly meeting Nov. 13, held a day later than usual because of Veterans Day.

The office was damaged in the Labor Day Flood. Previous termite damage was also discovered during the evaluation of the office. It was determined that the office needed to be torn down and a new facility built in its place. The recycle center remained open during the construction.

Winkel also reported the landfill had gone 2,000 days without a lost time injury.

County Road and Bridge Supervisor Doug Freund presented and received approval for a road crossing permit from AT&T at 10050 SE 40th Street.

Freund said the county was going to mow once more on Lake Road before the end of the year.

Commissioners approved the purchase of culverts to replace units in need of repair. J&J Drainage Products received the bid for $15,748, said Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.

Freund is seeking bids for a new pickup and will report to the commission at a later meeting.

Tiffany Ailstock, Retired And Senior Volunteer Program director, said the mini van the Commissioners approved for purchase had already been sold after the approval was made. Doug Reh Chevrolet is searching for another van.

Robert Torres, environmental services, is conducting a public awareness campaign on water wells that encourages testing at least once a year. He plans to distribute a pamphlet on water wells for this campaign.

County Fire and Rescue Chief Billy Hampton is seeking a chainsaw for a rescue unit and is getting lights for the front and back of the ladder truck.

Kruse said he has also ordered a new set of bunker gear for a fire-fighter.

The Commissioners approved $450 for National Association of Counties dues.

The Commissioners will attend a joint city/county session on Monday, Nov. 19 at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public, Kruse said.